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Access to fresh local produce is one of Furuheim farm’s great advantages. Our suppliers produce commodities that have on several occasions received national and international awards. Local commodities produced in pure nature is a great starting point for meals as they are served at Furuheim Farm.


Local food

Our specialty is the “Mountain folk Platter“. We serve a platter with assorted food, made with local ingredients based on the availability of local produce throughout the seasons. These can be fresh commodities from lamb, deer, reindeer, cattle, char (fish), cheese from goat and cattle and of course traditional pastries from Furuheim farm. This is the flavor of traditions through several generations!

We offer on-demand dining and catering to our guests and our clients. Based on fresh commodities from local producers, we assemble various dishes amongst other things like beef, venison, reindeer, mutton and local fish. Price per person varies from 220-450 NOK.

Would you like suggestions on the menu or more info on the price – please feel free to contact us!