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Furuheim farm and the surrounding area are rich in activities and experiences!

Some of them are seasonality, while others can be experienced year-round. If you would like more information about the various activities on and around the farm, you are welcome toContact us!

Summer Activities

Winter Activities

Other activities

Summer Activities


By bike through Susendal you can experience a lush mountain built, rich in nature and cultural experiences. If you wish, you can borrow bikes from us. Height difference from Hattfjelldal to Harvassdal at the head of Susendal is 350 m. You choose how far you want to ride, depending on where you cross the river. At regular intervals you will find bridges. The road shifts between asphalt and gravel. On the south side of the valley some stretches will be with very little or no traffic. Amazing places where you get close to nature!


Furuheim Farm offers trout fishing in Susna, the upper part of the Vefsna vassal near Børgefjell National Park.

The river alternates between quiet parties and more fierce rapids, and it provides great opportunities for both fly fishing and fishing with spinners and worms. Normally fish are taken around 300 grams, but each year there are individuals between 1-3 kg.

For more info on fishing licenses and prices click here.


The area around Furuheim provides a unique opportunity to enjoy fine days in great nature around Susendal! The possibilities are many and are chosen from what you want in terms of trip length, terrain and elevation. Marked hiking trails allow you to enjoy and obsevere lush nature and facinating wildlife in peace and quiet. Furuheim has the Børgefjell National Park as neighbor, where the protected area can offer many nice hiking possibilities and also hunting and fishing.


If you want to see the moose, your chances are best if you visit Susendal in April, May and early June. Little snow makes the area attractive to the moose. When fresh grass grows on the inland, the moose pulls here to graze and it’s a great sight.


Furuheim Gård is located in a South Sámi area. In Børgefjell several thousand reindeer graze, and in periods some of these draws down in the valley. Early spring and outward towards summer are high season to see reindeer on the land, before it pulls up the mountain as the snow disappears and it finds food.

Winter activities


From Furuheim farm you have easy access to Børgefjell National Park where you can go skiing in beautiful natural surroundings. There are many small glaciers on the mountains, and there are often large snowdrifts in the summer. Around the farm you will find many great hiking opportunities, whether you are looking for a short trip or a mountain hike.

Dog sledding

In collaboration with the neighbor Linda who runs Aaslid Polar, we offer mountain experiences with dog sledding during the winter season.

The tour starts at the farm yard and takes you on a 2-4 hour hike in great mountainous terrain.

Other activities on Helgeland

These experiences are 1-2 hours near Furuheim farm

Laksfors Villa - Live manorial near the mighty waterfall

At Laksfors Villa, you stay right by the fall where you hear the delightful rumbling of it outside. Here you can feel the history that sits in the walls and interiors, while being in a warm and intimate atmosphere. The villa invites everyone to sink back their shoulders and relax together with friends and family. The villa has a cosy fireplace lounge with fantastic views towards Vefsna and Laksforsen! The dining room accommodates 12 people and is perfect for pleasant meals.

Fru Haugans – Hospitality for five generations

Ever since 1794, Fru Haugans Hotel has accomodated its guests warmly. The family-owned hotel in Mosjøen is beautifully located with a large hotel garden on the banks of the river Vefsnas and the protected Sjøgata. Fru Haugans also now owns the hotel Frk. Skjolds Hotel as well as the restaurant Blomsterbua Mat & Vin.

Naturlige Helgeland - Unique experiences

Naturlige Helgeland is a tour operator that delivers active adventures, food and teambuilding. Naturlige Helgeland has tours for individuals, and tailor total event for groups. They offer Zipline, Via Ferrata and cave descents in Øyfjellet. Other activities include: trekking, climbing, biking, kayaking and courses, snowshoeing, skiing and dogsledding, as well as hunting the magical Northern Lights.

Strandli Gård - A vibrant mountain farm in beautiful Fiplingdal

Strandli farm is located in Fiplingdalen, a mountain community in the very south of Nordland. The farm is located by Lake Fiplingvatn and offers panoramic views to the mighty Børgefjell. The farm is active with dairy farming, cheese making, catering and accommodation. Strandli’s cheeses, BæråsCammen, Golvertind and Fjellsnadder can be found in most retail outlets. The farm did very well in the Cheese World Championships 2018.

Aaslid Polar – with Huskies in the mountains

Aaslid Polar offers dog sledding tours with Alaska Huskies in great mountainous terrain in the beautiful Susendalen Valley, just off Børgefjell National Park. Dog sledding is a true wilderness experience far from the hustle and bustle of the big city. On the sled behind the dogs, it is only yourself, your new friends; the dogs and the silence of the mountain. You hear the snow creak, Feel the wind in your face and a delightful feeling when you pull in the fresh mountain air.

Sæterstad Farm – Carnal experiences

At the foot of Krutfjellet in Hattfjelldal, you’ll meet a beautiful area with stunning scenery and vibrant wildlife. Here you will find Sæterstad Gård, an ecological mountain farm with a long history. Siri, Knut and the four children, all working on the farm, will take you in and offer a stay that will provide a feast both in mind and soul. It offers food, accommodation and experiences.

Vefsna Lodge – A heavenly experience in the 1600-century environment

Ever since the mid-1600 century, people have lived on Valryggen, which is located by the Vefsna river. Today, Vefsna Lodge is the place for you who want a very special experience with style and tradition.

In the ancient house, the traditions of the walls and hosts know how to care for and convey the house and their ancestral history.

On this historic farm, the most delicious meals are made and served in style at the restaurant Emmas Kammer. At Vefsna Lodge You can sleep in a cordial setting.

Helgeland Museum - Historical experiences

Grane – A historical taste of Helgeland
Grane Bygdetun is a collection of houses from the 1700 and 1800, located in a pleasant forest environment just off the largest inland watercourse of Nordland; Vefsna. Only a few minutes from the E6.

Hattfjelldal – The Life and History of the Mountain people
The life and history of the mountain people is about the most striking inland and mountainous communities in the region. Thus, a South Sámi core area with associated visitor buildings

Vefsn – Historical Walk in Sjøgata
A guided walking tour through the Sjøgata Conservation Area is a must when you are visiting Mosjøen. Sjøgata is a old street with northern Norway’s longest line of wooden houses preserved from the 1800 century.

Laksforsen - Traditional food for generations

Just off the spectacular Laksforsen, you can enjoy a traditional meal in the family-run restaurant. Laksforsen is located just off the E6. Here is a rich souvenir shop worth a visit, and you can take a walk in the basement where the exhibition takes place. Here you will find the history of salmon fishing in Vefsna, English lords and a unique exhibition of fishing equipment.

Rivernorth Rafting – Enjoy untouched nature and a good portion of adrenaline

Rivernorth Rafting offers activities such as rafting, kayaking and river snorkeling. At Grane Bygdetun (at R73 towards Hattfjelldal) we find RiverNorth Rafting’s base. They also arrange courses in paddling.

HTS Mosjøen - Your local charter bus operator

Experience Helgeland from the bus seat, with great comfort and panoramic views to the nature and cultural experiences of Helgeland. Together with us, the journey becomes part of the experience.